Buffalo bill

July 4, 2011

this fourth of July has been full of country things. This morning we went to get three new chickens due to the dog killing 2 in the last few weeks. Then we went up to one of the neighbors so I could check out a buffalo I have been hearing rumors of and the rumors proved true…

Just after this moment, I made bill mad and he rammed the gate. It was freaking scary! It’s been a fun day celebrating the independence of our nation running around in the country, worlds different from living downtown. Now I am excited to head to the city to watch fireworks and eat pizza on the roof ūüôā thank the Lord for good family and friends I can freely live life with.


Family jam sesh

July 2, 2011

Last night while waiting for Ashley and Abby to come down to chickasha dad, Susy, and I kinda fell into a musical moment. With a mini xylo and a few bad notes on the piano, we had some fun!

be the change

June 26, 2011

The past few weeks, other than having fun with the kids at the Mission, life has been pretty heavy.

Being 21 and thrown into the position i am in… trying to help shape the lives of these kids and show them Christ, trying to stay sane while they test every single thread of my patience, and knowing at the same time that i may not see any of the fruit of the seeds God is planting.

In addition to all this (contrary to some belief) i have a life outside of the Mission walls that has been anything but “easy” lately.

So friday night i went to my parents, spent good time with my family, went to a rodeo, and floated a bit in the pool. Yesterday my sister and i drove to norman to meet Abby and go to Jazz in June. We saw some great friends there and caught up with them and their sassy 2 year old while listening to sweet jazz in the park.¬†i felt¬†almost peaceful, which i don’t know that i have felt in a while.

Later we all came to the refuge, Ashley joined. We sat up on the roof and talked about life. Abby, Ashley, and i all seemed to be about in the same place: dry, feeling distant and discouraged, needing renewal. i decided we should just pray, so i began to pray… which has been hard lately to be honest, but with my two closest friends and all pride laid down we all prayed. As we all gave everything up to Him, confessing our faults and longings aloud to the Lord and to each other, the Spirit fell on the rooftop and brought life back into 3 girls who needed so desperately to feel our Hope and our Peace again.

We danced around as we prayed over the city, over the Church, over each other, asking that God would redeem all of us and bring revival in the hearts of His people. Where 2 or 3 gathered, the Lord showed up.This morning at church, through worship and through the Word, He affirmed everything we had prayed about.

¬†I don’t know that there are many things more beautiful than being so raw before the God of all with your best friends and having Him come down and be with us, no care for what time it was or how much sleep we would miss. He is all. Jesus did all so that we could have all of the Spirit, all of the time. i couldn’t ask for a better Savior and giver of Life, or for better sisters to walk through life with…

so instead of believing the lie that God hears everyone else but me, or that things are never going to get better but the world will just get worse and worse… BELIEVE that God loves all of His creations and fights for us; believe that He wants His followers to get up and do our job in bringing to earth as it is in Heaven; believe that our home can always be found in Him so if¬†we are feeling homesick¬†we know where to run to; and be the change we want to see in the world. Make the dreams God formed in¬†us come alive in this world by living fearlessly for Him. Love Him and love His people with all that we are, putting it all out there because He alone is worthy.

let’s go fly a kite

June 21, 2011

quick update: i am no longer just the “ultimate friend” at the mission, disquised as a paper pusher/admin assistant. i have now been an assistant manager of the Bridge to Life program at the mission for 3 weeks. what does that mean? it means i am in charge of every kiddo that is potty trained that lives here. and yes, it is crazy and exhausting, but the Lord’s strength never fails me.

This week there is a mission team here from Kansas, they are hosting a camp here for the kids. it is a huge blessing because firstly the kids get to have a lot of fun and learn about Jesus and other cool stuff from new friends, but also because it is not just me and 30 kids by myself. Hallelujah.

Today one of the activities was kite flying, so 4 kids, 2 leaders, and myself went to a park nearby and what the kids don’t know is i was just as excited as they were because i have never flown a kite until this very day. it was so much fun watching the kids run with their kites and seeing the satisfaction and sweet feeling of achievement when it was finally high enough that all the string was out in the air.

i jump at any chance i have to run around with the kids and am able to be one myself.

God is really proving to me in this season of my life that He is in charge and that His ways and plans are far better than i could ever have dreamed up on my own. the sweet small things that happen in my kids’ lives bring so much joy to my heart, and i know He is beaming in that as well. although there is still a struggle everyday with those that need a lot more love and attention, God will be the one to provide that, i just pray to be a tool for Him and to be all love to them so they will know how precious they are.

Here are a couple of the people i hang out with everyday.

life is great, life is challenging, life is being a child led by our Father.

catch me if you can

May 15, 2011


we can make it as simple or as complicated as we choose.

if i could choose, i would choose simple. i would think that a lot of people would be in agreeance, because who wants to be complicated?

quick look at what i would say is the average american life: wake up, work, lunch, work, home, (recreation of some sort) sleep.¬†¬†¬† somewhere between those activities we can choose to fill in open slots of time with relationship, hobby, bad habits, Jesus, art, service, tv, etc… in america especially, the possibilities are endless.

what happens when you get so busy that you lose yourselves in the chaos of life? i would love to say that my life is centered on Christ; on loving Him and making His love known to everyone around me. But then i step back for a second after being busy and get really sick at what my life has turned into. i get so into the thing i initially intended for the Lord, that i forget it was for Him in the first place. at least a hundred times have i taken gifts and opportunities of the Lord and made them wretched and filthy with my own flesh. i am positive that if everyone was completely honest with themselves and God, this is true and happens/has happened to all of us.

so life is possibly a picture of us running like idiots through time and space, and the God that created us all is chasing after us wanting to breathe His love, mercy, wisdom, grace, strength, and rest onto us. what in the world would it look like if we let Him catch us? if we say, “God, you are more beautiful and satisfying than anything this whole world has to offer me so i choose to be caught by you and caught up completely in you!”…?

Lord, please remind us all that our efforts are a waste if you are not in the center of them. Please remind us that you cover us and we will never be perfect on our own, but only in you. And please remind us that this life is short and at any moment we can be taken from this place so we must constantly be mindful of your purpose for this time. i want this life to be all for you.

Psalm 18

it continues to amaze me how God is always being Himself: keeping promises, pouring love out into our hearts, always holding onto us, and working everything out for the good. 

life is so sweet and good, even though every day i get stretched and pushed and sometimes feel beat up by the time my head hits the pillow. i would have it no other way.

working at the mission has already become one of the coolest/hardest things that God has placed in my path.

cool factor: i have met so many amazing humans that i get to see daily and try to love and learn from. i label none of them as drug addicts, alcoholics, homeless, depressed, or lifeless, for they are all God’s creations and God is the best artist out there. it is such a delight to get to know His people, their stories and how He saved them and brought them to the mission where they feel He is changing their lives; i know He is.

hard factor: within the last month i think i have been introduced to so many new feelings that one or two of the weeks i cried (at least) once a day. seeing the hurt and ridiculously angering experiences that people, also children, have been thrown into on their journeys in the world seriously hurts. it hurts me badly.

great factor: God is love, He is constant, He is healing, He is. i am not. thank you Yahweh

the world is an averagely terrible place to reside. everyday is a fight, trying to bring Heavenly things here while pushing away temptation and sadness and worldly things. but thank God that He resides within us, the war has already been won! we have nothing to worry about, we just have to breathe and live with our hands open to the Lord, with willing hearts and passionate patience.

world, you do not have a place in this life. you have been overcome, first by my Father and now by me with my Father’s guiding hand.

2 Corinthians 4:16-18

i sit beside You

February 15, 2011

right now in this season of my life i feel like a little girl sitting in a truck or a bus or an airplane, sitting next to God , my Father.

He planned a special trip for me but didn’t tell me where.

so i am sitting next to Him, holding His hand and can hardly contain my excitement so i keep looking to Him and He just smiles really big

i don’t know where He is taking me, but my Daddy planned it and He loves me, so it’s gonna be good!