It’s us.

June 7, 2012

It has officially been 6 months since I last posted so I believe a quick month-to-month recap is required:

January: worked my last month at City Rescue Mission.
February & March: rested and learned how to find worth in Jesus even through joblessness.
April: found a job at the OKC Day Shelter – the last place I expected to work…

I thought that my days of working with the homeless population at a shelter were over, but just as happens with most of my plans the Lord had something better. I knew working at City Rescue was a kind of preparation for the future and as hard as it was working there I figured the future probably held something ridiculously difficult, but as I have been at the Day Shelter now for a couple months I have felt pretty prepared. It’s amazing how the Lord plans and the plans actually lead you to be equipped for exactly how much He wants you to do.

I find myself with a ton of inner-struggle and to be honest, a little hopelessness at the end of some days. With all of the frustration of people dying because of idols that they love more than themselves and the fact that I hold no power to help them unless they want to make an effort. God keeps reminding me that it doesn’t matter if you are wearing fancy pants, drowning in alcohol, buried deep in drugs, or coveting your next door neighbor’s mango tree… we are all equal. All searching for something miraculous to fill our days. In my opinion that I have come to cling to in the few years I have lived, it’s only by the Holy Spirit that I live at all. My goal right now with all the people I come into contact with daily is to live out looking like Christ. I fail at this in epicness mostly, but I really do want to do things right(eously).

Recently I have been reminded of how much I LOVE listening to people’s stories. The major blessing is that I know most of the people living at City Rescue, all the people in the Refuge, and thanks to working at the Day Shelter, I probably know 3 out of 5 people I pass on the street. I remember way more than a handful of times how God met me right in the middle of the epitome of my sin, and He had full mercy on me to breathe life again. Some days I weep at the fact that everyday I get the chance to meet people where they are at (which often includes throwing up from alcoholism in my car or stoned out of their heads on crack), know that I have the ability to love them because of Christ’s love for them, and then I get to find out how they got to where they are. Stories are brutal and freeing and haunting and redeeming and I can’t help but tangibly feel Hope for everyone.

Our God is love and He has every intention to keep fighting for everyone He created, which is everyone. In the moments of my own serious weakness, I feel the Lord lifting up my head. He is urging us to be a people who don’t look away. People who see darkness and know that the Power in us wants to light it up using our physical presence to magnify Him. People who see the scheming of the enemy and how it is breaking people all over the place and using ridiculous lies to do it.

The Church is to be the hands and feet of Christ. The Church is us. We are His Beloved.

Let us not be able to look away.


One Response to “It’s us.”

  1. Beautiful. You are an amazing young lady. We are very honored to know you and you impacted us greatly.

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