Jesus is the reason.

December 24, 2011

if you don’t like controversial things or to be made uncomfortable or if you like to be able to live without constantly praying and trying to think of ways to improve the way of society… Do not read this.

This Christmas season has been great in the way of how much I feel and understand the desperation of the people in the old testament for the arrival of the promise of a Savior. He really is Hope to the hopeless and Peace to the restless. Without Jesus in my life I would be a total failure and I need Him to remind me everyday of how I can’t do anything without Him.

For the past week or so, in looking down my street I have seen carloads of gifts and people handing them out to my homeless neighbors. My kids at the Mission have received more gifts this year than I have in my entire life (I wish I was just being dramatic).

People get this desire during the holidays to help others in need, I get this desire! I think it stems from feeling bad for people who don’t have everything we have so we want to help in ways that make them feel good but don’t take too much comfort away from us. I would like to hand everyone living on the streets a $100 bill and walk away feeling super good about what I just did, but the truth is that it’s not helping anything.

Everyone living on my street has a lot of gifts and blankets due to people’s desire to help in the cold months, but at the end of the day they are still sleeping outside in danger of freezing to death because even the best sleeping bag isn’t equal to a heater, and most of those souls are void of any healthy, consistent relationships…

What if we all rose up together in the next year and loved them all like Jesus would ask of us? By sitting with them and listening to their stories then asking the Holy Spirit to show us how to help them in the big picture kind of way. To ask Him to show us that person in His eyes, to see His love and plans for them, to show us that He cherishes and loves them so much more than we or they know. Yes, it would take a lot of time and sacrifice, and yes it would be hard and uncomfortable, but what if next Christmas the homeless had homes and jobs and relationships and then Jesus used them to change other people’s lives for Him? What if there was such a thing as Jesus radically changing the homeless community through His people who started living selflessly and recklessly loving people?

I don’t write this to be a Scrooge, I write this in hopes that the Lord would stir a passion in all of us for His people that are broken and hurting and without the hope of Christ, like we have all been at one point or another. Just as God was fighting for each of us and so stirred a person to speak into our lives for Him, we have to know that He wants to use us to do the same for others, because it’s never been about us. The reason is all about Jesus.


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