Day six: uncomfortable comfort

October 4, 2011

Looking back on my last 2 months or so there are a variety of things to be noticed:
-I was stressed out by my own and other’s problems
-I did not have a fridge or a stove
-I was worrying about worldly stuff that did not matter much

In the midst of the items listed above, I just realized that I was using food and relationships to comfort myself and fill myself up instead of seeking after the Lord to be filled up via staying up late and hanging out knowing that I could have a good window of sleep and also eating “comfort food” for every meal. Relationships are great, don’t get me wrong, but a lot of times it seems like we forget to take care of ourselves when in fact we are a bit sucky at being relational if we aren’t resting enough spiritually, mentally, and physically.

The last couple of days I have made some fun food, which making all my food is proving to be helpful in emotionally resting, almost as much as running or riding my bike. I baked a spaghetti squash; it’s kind of confusing… spaghetti, squash, or jelly fish?

My friend/neighbor, Bel, and I made some ketchup last night as well AND then made sweet potato & purple potato fries to dip in it!

It was a little messy as you can see, but seriously delicious! I am debating on whether I like this natural ketchup more than regular…

So. As easy as it is to run to Braum’s or eat a whole batch of buttery, flaky, amazing biscuits… (Lord, forgive me for coveting both of these) It is so much better to ask God to reveal why you need comfort so that He can relieve you, forgive you, etc. How amazing that He loves us so much.


One Response to “Day six: uncomfortable comfort”

  1. Peggy Leonard Says:

    Yum! Love the jellyfish look with your squash!

    I have some biscuit recipes. I think when you put work into making food from scratch, it is more satisfying and you can thank the Lord for your cooking talent. He does want us to eat, just not worry about where our next meal will come from. I know that is hard for a lot of people with our economy to think on, especially if they have kids to feed. It’s okay to think about what to cook though!

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