day four: life = miracle

October 2, 2011

It is the fourth day of my “fast” from what had become my normal lifestyle. I’m feeling pretty darn good.

I’ve noticed these last few days how precious life is and how much time I waste worrying instead of waiting passionately for the Lord to move. Also I have seen a teensy glimpse of how HUGE God is and how small I make Him, which makes my heart wrench even more to think about how much He has empowered me to do and how much of a wreck I know I can make things. He loves each of us so much that He has orchestrated this endless stream of miracles called: life.

Not to be all dreamy, but it’s a miracle that my parents met and got married; it’s miraculous how little strands of molecules meet together to start forming a human; a baby living through the birthing process is a miracle. You get the idea, right? Every single breath we take has to be a miracle because of all the work going into it that we don’t see or think about… How lovely is the Maker of all these things? The Loveliest.

God made me a female. I don’t really know the consensus of what the world thinks of women right now, but I think we are mighty. Recently I have come to many realizations as a woman, I could spew all of that, but instead I will tell you that coincidentally my mom showed me a very truthful/hungry blog entry that contained 2 other posts that I liked.

More than anything right now I feel hungry. Not for food, but for Christ, for gaining wisdom, for using the gifts of Christ and the Spirit, for myself and other people to see what life has become and then be shown what it could/should be. The first blog post really fired me up.

get fired up here

If you are a man reading this: please take note of how God loves His daughters, not just by making them beautiful to look at and able to have babies, but by placing dreams, gifts, wisdom, drive, and love into them.

If you are a woman: you are a miracle. Created well and with a serious purpose not just to do dishes and give kisses, but in whatever you do to love with the Father’s love (and it’s deeper than we’ll ever know). Your life and what you do and will do for God is a miracle. The difference you will make in reaching out a hand to someone is priceless.

women who love

In lieu of my physical fast, I have been cooking every meal and liking it, recent favorite of mine: green bean, tomato, zucchini explosion.

And also an article about running that was encouraging as my love for running is growing: click this  Sounds weird, but the Lord is giving me life while I am running, I truly find joy in it through Him. That in itself is a miracle.


One Response to “day four: life = miracle”

  1. Peggy Leonard Says:

    Glad you liked the article. I know what you mean. Too often, we don’t stop and appreciate all God has blessed us with as we are so caught up in living what we think is a good life.

    The zukes and tomatoes look good with green beans. I just had zukes, field peas, and a sweet potato. Yum!

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