let’s go fly a kite

June 21, 2011

quick update: i am no longer just the “ultimate friend” at the mission, disquised as a paper pusher/admin assistant. i have now been an assistant manager of the Bridge to Life program at the mission for 3 weeks. what does that mean? it means i am in charge of every kiddo that is potty trained that lives here. and yes, it is crazy and exhausting, but the Lord’s strength never fails me.

This week there is a mission team here from Kansas, they are hosting a camp here for the kids. it is a huge blessing because firstly the kids get to have a lot of fun and learn about Jesus and other cool stuff from new friends, but also because it is not just me and 30 kids by myself. Hallelujah.

Today one of the activities was kite flying, so 4 kids, 2 leaders, and myself went to a park nearby and what the kids don’t know is i was just as excited as they were because i have never flown a kite until this very day. it was so much fun watching the kids run with their kites and seeing the satisfaction and sweet feeling of achievement when it was finally high enough that all the string was out in the air.

i jump at any chance i have to run around with the kids and am able to be one myself.

God is really proving to me in this season of my life that He is in charge and that His ways and plans are far better than i could ever have dreamed up on my own. the sweet small things that happen in my kids’ lives bring so much joy to my heart, and i know He is beaming in that as well. although there is still a struggle everyday with those that need a lot more love and attention, God will be the one to provide that, i just pray to be a tool for Him and to be all love to them so they will know how precious they are.

Here are a couple of the people i hang out with everyday.

life is great, life is challenging, life is being a child led by our Father.


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