catch me if you can

May 15, 2011


we can make it as simple or as complicated as we choose.

if i could choose, i would choose simple. i would think that a lot of people would be in agreeance, because who wants to be complicated?

quick look at what i would say is the average american life: wake up, work, lunch, work, home, (recreation of some sort) sleep.    somewhere between those activities we can choose to fill in open slots of time with relationship, hobby, bad habits, Jesus, art, service, tv, etc… in america especially, the possibilities are endless.

what happens when you get so busy that you lose yourselves in the chaos of life? i would love to say that my life is centered on Christ; on loving Him and making His love known to everyone around me. But then i step back for a second after being busy and get really sick at what my life has turned into. i get so into the thing i initially intended for the Lord, that i forget it was for Him in the first place. at least a hundred times have i taken gifts and opportunities of the Lord and made them wretched and filthy with my own flesh. i am positive that if everyone was completely honest with themselves and God, this is true and happens/has happened to all of us.

so life is possibly a picture of us running like idiots through time and space, and the God that created us all is chasing after us wanting to breathe His love, mercy, wisdom, grace, strength, and rest onto us. what in the world would it look like if we let Him catch us? if we say, “God, you are more beautiful and satisfying than anything this whole world has to offer me so i choose to be caught by you and caught up completely in you!”…?

Lord, please remind us all that our efforts are a waste if you are not in the center of them. Please remind us that you cover us and we will never be perfect on our own, but only in you. And please remind us that this life is short and at any moment we can be taken from this place so we must constantly be mindful of your purpose for this time. i want this life to be all for you.

Psalm 18


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