world, i’ve overcome you

March 17, 2011

it continues to amaze me how God is always being Himself: keeping promises, pouring love out into our hearts, always holding onto us, and working everything out for the good. 

life is so sweet and good, even though every day i get stretched and pushed and sometimes feel beat up by the time my head hits the pillow. i would have it no other way.

working at the mission has already become one of the coolest/hardest things that God has placed in my path.

cool factor: i have met so many amazing humans that i get to see daily and try to love and learn from. i label none of them as drug addicts, alcoholics, homeless, depressed, or lifeless, for they are all God’s creations and God is the best artist out there. it is such a delight to get to know His people, their stories and how He saved them and brought them to the mission where they feel He is changing their lives; i know He is.

hard factor: within the last month i think i have been introduced to so many new feelings that one or two of the weeks i cried (at least) once a day. seeing the hurt and ridiculously angering experiences that people, also children, have been thrown into on their journeys in the world seriously hurts. it hurts me badly.

great factor: God is love, He is constant, He is healing, He is. i am not. thank you Yahweh

the world is an averagely terrible place to reside. everyday is a fight, trying to bring Heavenly things here while pushing away temptation and sadness and worldly things. but thank God that He resides within us, the war has already been won! we have nothing to worry about, we just have to breathe and live with our hands open to the Lord, with willing hearts and passionate patience.

world, you do not have a place in this life. you have been overcome, first by my Father and now by me with my Father’s guiding hand.

2 Corinthians 4:16-18


One Response to “world, i’ve overcome you”

  1. Peggy Leonard Says:

    I understand. I looked at those people there in the same light yesterday. They are God’s precious children and you are doing an amazing thing working there.

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