Wonderful Maker

February 3, 2011

is it crazy to anyone else that each one of us were shaped by God’s hands?

that is huge.

formed by a Love that never fails and is planted deeply within me and will never leave, will never give up, will never run out.

seriously, who are we so fortunate to have this gift of Life? Life that is so full and fulfilling because of our Creator… i can’t even explain how excited and loved this makes me feel, it’s overwhelming!

this summer, my best friend and i had a precious talk on a hill in haiti about her future, and God had been telling me about dreams and hearts and how if we are running after Him with everything then we can trust that what is in our hearts to do is from Him, and our deepest and wildest dreams could actually be placed in us by God Himself, the One who made us.

my friend ended up taking a crazy leap of faith, going to college in another country, and is now flourishing in the will of God with some great new friends in great places.

at the end of the summer i had this crazy dream of being “the ultimate friend” at mission of hope, but also felt God pulling me back to Oklahoma City. Now i live in the Refuge with an amazing community of brothers and sisters, across the street from the City Rescue Mission where God recently told me to pursue a job… 2 weeks later i was offered a job and  i will begin working there in a week and a half! just in case you were wondering, i am calling my job title: the ultimate friend. i am so excited to serve and love and be pushed by God to be leaning on Him entirely.

Praise be to the God who wraps us up in His love and never quits longing for our attention and love! He celebrates with us in the joyful times and holds us when we can’t take another step.

how can we not be moved to run after His Heart? it is the only source of Life

Life flows from God!


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