snow daze

February 1, 2011

here in the downtown of OKC we are in something i will just simply call a snow day. i will go ahead and say there is easily 3-4 feet of snow in any given area, including the streets that are no longer visible. before i go any further i will just say that snow days at the refuge are the best. this morning we all got together for a big breakfast which included cinnamon rolls, biscuits & gravy, and scones. shortly after breakfast some of us took the weather by force and ventured outside, of course we bundled up

after suffering minor frost bite to the face, i came back up to find some interesting combinations… like josh and aubrey

here is the convo…
aubrey: do you pick your boogers?
josh: yes
a: do you eat them?
j: no, you shouldn’t either, you should flick them on people.
a: where does your dad live?
j: shawnee
a: does he speak spanish?
 it continued like this for a while, and ended with aubrey saying she just peed a little in her pants (on josh)

after this i read a good article that my new friend sent me, it really made me want to get back on my bike! i am definitely going to soon. as soon as the snow clears actually.

then we headed down to make some hobo stew with katie and found the 2nd bird of the day in the hall. josh caught it in his handy dandy camo snuggie… (it lived, don’t worry)

hobo stew was deelish, now we are all hanging out in the community room, playing just dance on the wii, board games, and just straight up chilling. i don’t know how much longer we will be snowed in, but rest assured we will be having a good time at all times here at the refuge, here are some more pics

Thank you God for great people and snow!


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