pots, pans, and light

January 9, 2011

today i had a lot of fun. started off worshipping all morning, we learned on prayer and fasting and giving, and as we are starting a 21 day fast tomorrow as a body of believers i am really excited to see how the Lord changes hearts, including my own.

between one of the services my mom brought me some of our old pots and pans from my childhood to go with my new stove! i am way too excited to boil water. of course kyle and dustin are checking out my cookwear and find other uses for them in the green room…

otherwise, after church i had lunch with courtney, micah, ashley and kristin at panera, mmmm. courtney is leaving to go to haiti for a year and as much as i am excited for her, i am trying to get as much time in with her in this next week as i can! she will be seriously used, but also missed.

After lunch ashley and i went over to max’s and watched boy meets world… i don’t know what’s better really. AND this is probably not that exciting for most people, but i finally put a lamp up on my loft and i am really pumped that i don’t have to fumble down my ladder in the pitch black anymore!

i know i have a lot of lights, but living with no window i have to compensate somehow. and i do love lamp[s].


2 Responses to “pots, pans, and light”

  1. Peggy Leonard Says:

    Looks very cozy with the lamp in the loft. I think Dustin and Kyle wish I had given them some copper botttom pans also!

  2. lindsay juarez Says:

    you should put up a picture of a nice sunset and pretend it’s your window :0)

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