Words that give Life

January 8, 2011

for the last week, i have been listening to podcasts, almost one a day. i listened to one today that was Francis Chan’s last message, in may, at the church he had begun in California. he talks about something within this message that speaks so much truth, something i fully believe in and at the same time i can’t even fully comprehend how big of a deal it is: the Bible.

“Guys, this is what we have been about for 16 years, this book. Everything this book says, we have to follow it. People like me are going to come and go, but this book, you can’t let it go, you gotta trust the words of this book This book has done me right for the last 30 years. Everytime i follow this book, everytime i follow its words, it works out and it’s gonna work out forever. we as the church are called to lift up this book and we live in a world where everyone mocks this thing, and everyone explains it, says it’s cultural or out of date or whatever else, but not in this place, not on our watch, this is the word of God and we believe this, and others say, ‘no the rules have changed and you can believe whatever you want.’  no, you don’t believe whatever, you believe what is true and there’s one truth about God. you don’t just make that up, you don’t just make up your own God and make Him whoever you want Him to be, you don’t just make up commands on your own because you like them more. you hold onto this book, you teach this book.”

we are so blessed to have been given the Bible, to be able to read words that are seeping with Life and that literally draw out how we can live in a way that is full of Heaven.

 if i ever feel like i can somehow do it on my own and i don’t seek Life for a couple of days, i feel the distance almost instantly. my Maker gave me the means to really Live, and His Word is more valuable than anything else He lets me have, and His presence in my life is worth more than any other relationship He has given me.

to hold this Love in and keep it only for myself would be such a waste.

Lord, help me share.


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