January 5, 2011

today was so good that what i write right now is going to make up for me not posting yesterday. take a walk with me if you will…

9:00am-start my day out walking 15 minutes to starbucks in bricktown to meet my friend shelly.  really had a great time catching up with her and sharing things about life. she is an awesome person.

11:00am- walk two doors down from starbucks to in the raw, to have an overdue sushi date with my friend seth! after we walked to bass pro, where i have never been, and then back to starbucks because he had a 1 o’clock meeting with my friend kristen.

1:00pm- since i am already walking, i decide to walk another 10 minutes to BOK where my sister works and it happens to be her lunch hour! so we got to hang out and talk and watch a guy outside in a wheelchair do weird things (i end up walking about a block with wheelchair guy when i leave, not friendly…)

2:20pm- begin my 20 minute trek home and decide to stop in at the library because i had never been in. i am going to get a card soon for sure.

3:00- stroll into the refuge parking lot to find some interesting people playing in the garden…

leeann and her two kiddos! after playing in the garden they thought playing in the back of the el camino (see above) would be fun. it was.

4:30- shower.

5:45-practice for a night of worship at Journey.

7:00-a really great time of leading worship and bowing at the Lord’s feet with some of the journey-goers. it was such a moving night; the Spirit of God definitely moved in that room and i am so thankful to have been able to go and see lives being changed and to connect with my God for an hour. i know that God is building up something mighty and i don’t know when “crazy big thing”  is going to happen but it’s already stirring and i am expectant. i won’t even start on that… haha.

10:37-finishing up this post, then playing my guitar til i fall asleep.



One Response to “wed-nes-day”

  1. lindsay juarez Says:

    sounds like a great day! wish i could’ve been there lol!

    ps i really like reading your blog when i’m supposed to be working!

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