Summer Dragonfly

October 23, 2010

I am excited to announce that the last few weeks of life have been pretty exciting! Firstly I got news that my good friend Michael and I have the privelege of leading a group of college students to Haiti at the end of May! It is amazing to actually have a date set in stone to go back to a place that i love and miss so much. Not to mention until then I get to meet and grow with a group that I don’t even know yet, that is a pretty sweet deal! Please pray that Michael and I can be fearless leaders, knowing that our Leader is with us every step of the way

The second bit of great news I get to share with the public is that I am moving! A room at the Refuge ( opened up and I am blessed to be able to move in! I am excited for the new adventures that will surely take place there, and of course meeting a lot of new neighbors, inside and outside the refuge. They have a great sense of family there and I am beyond words thankul that I get to be a part of it.

Today I spent the day with my mom! She bought me some paint and we painted my new apartment at the refuge… the color is called summer dragonfly, I may or may not have chosen it because of the name.



Finished! looks pretty good with my new couch…

All in all a great day! I am praising God for His love, for my life, and my relationships, every day.


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