New Shoes.

September 24, 2010

The last month of my life has been filled with some new things and some regular things. i have been working everyday either at the insurance office or at physical therapy. i used to think of being busy as really stressful and as a negative thing in general, but now i know if i wasn’t busy doing thing A, i would be busy doing thing B or C or Z. So i am happy doing what i do, life is good.

Tuesdays have become my favorite days because of lifestream, the college ministry at Journey Church, where i get to lead worship. the past 5 weeks of lifestream have been filled with nothing less than God’s Spirit overwhelming students during worship, causing us to sing at the top of our lungs or get down on our knees before His majesty. it is great to be able to do this weekly with a big group of people, it’s even better after realizing that i can do that everyday by myself. God is so faithful, it’s unbelievable sometimes.

Today i had the day off so i decided to walk downtown to meet my sister on her lunch hour. i put on my new $7 shoes and set out on the 5 mile trek.
First, i was in the ghetto-fabulousness of my hood, the houses are definitely older, some nicer than others, but all pretty much livable. then i walked through the arts district, i went into a couple of little shops. one was full of incense and earthy stuff, also people trying to read my palms. 
then into nichols hills, one of the nicest/historic neighborhoods in the city. by that time i had to take off my $7 thrifty shoes because the blisters were too much to bear. so as i walk through these gorgeous homes, on sidewalk that is shaded by lovely big trees, i can imagine i look pretty homeless in my homely attire and no shoes, but i felt like a little girl being careless enough to just take a barefoot stroll. i liked it.
As i am entering downtown, i put my shoes back on due to too much glass on the sidewalks. i encounter a few people who might be houseless and feel like a poser in their hood, but i just smile and wave at them and wonder about their stories.
Finally i make it to the autobank where my sister works.

In the month i have lived in the city i haven’t had much time to venture like today. i still am unsure of how a young white girl like me can make a difference in the city, but i still trust that God is the most High. Seeing and now knowing how many different people/situations are within just 5 miles of where i sleep, reminds me of how much God’s love is kept a secret and how much i walk around in my old shoes scared to try on someone else’s and see what their life is like.

i hope i make a new friend today and i will be brave enough to try on their shoes. to step into their world, not the “hi, how are ya? i’m good” thing, but the “hi, i want to be your friend and know the real you and tell you how much you are loved and cherished by God and by me” kinda thing.

here’s to fall, to new shoes, and to chaiti.


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