mountains beyond mountains

August 25, 2010

I have been praying the last few weeks about where i should live this semester (maybe longer) and what i should do. My heart has been leaning toward downtown OKC for some time now, and after a lot of searching in a lot of other places God has provided the perfect place for me there 🙂

God has put the issue of homelessness on my heart a lot. Obviously in Haiti i saw so many people who had lost everything and i think that is where it began. As i have been wondering why i am back in the US, i now know: to learn to love the needy here in Jesus’ Name.

God placed me exactly where i need to be and i trust that He will continue shaping and teaching me how to be here. Not only do i get to be with the needy/homeless downtown with two great organizations, but i come in contact with countless spiritually needy people every day. At both of my jobs, in line at wal-mart, at church, in restaurants, everywhere! i need God every single day of my life, i have realized how small i am and what i cannot do on my own, but i know God wants to show His creations His endless love and He wants to use me. i am humbled daily because of this.

Almost every night in Haiti i would go up on this hill that overlooks the mission and also across the bay there is an amazing view of all the lights in Port au Prince, not to mention i was surrounded by mountains. i would go up there every night to be with my Father. i would spend 1 or 2 hours, just sitting with my Maker… listening, reading His Word, and being still. i cherished those times and looked forward to them every day. the scenery is going to be a bit different now, but my God isn’t. i am excited to see the new things God has put in my view as i sit with Him everyday, surrounded by new mountains.


One Response to “mountains beyond mountains”

  1. Amanda Says:

    I just love you and I love your passion for people and for Jesus. (Obviously not in that order).

    I’m so excited for you love 🙂

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