where Your Love covers

August 2, 2010

i have spent the last 5 days 2 hours away from home in the middle of no where Oklahoma at Student Journey Summer Camp. To say it was great is a serious understatement. God never ceases to amaze me in all that He does in my life. The theme was “the American Teenager”, speaking on how being a teenager in this time is different from any other generation because of everything teens are surrounded by today.

The talks were very revealing/challenging in a lot of areas in my life as much as the students. As i sat in on some small groups it was easy to see how much the students were affected and were learning about God’s love for them. i loved seeing their’ growth with the Lord and i am really excited that i have the opportunity every week to go to student journey to serve and hang out with these incredible kids.

i have been thinking about worship lately… what it is, what it looks like for me personally, etc.  worship is just an expression of how much we love God. Singing is how i love to express my love to my Savior and i connect with Him greatly in that way, but it can’t stop there. i am so blessed to be able to lead worship by singing, i do it at least once a week and i am so thankful for that. A new song we did has some words…

at the cross
i lay my burdens at your feet
where your Love covers all i’ve done
now i walk with you Lord

this is so powerful to sing but even more powerful to live. Worship should be constant. A Love that covers all i have done and now let’s me walk with Him everyday deserves my worship, my expression of gratitude and love in every moment. So wherever i step that His love covers me i will live my life glorifying Him. One great thing about my God is that His love covers me constantly, never leaving me. He trades my weakness for His strength anytime i need it, and He covers my heart with peace when troubles come my way. He loves all of His children in this way, what a beautiful God.


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