and they’ll know we are christians by our love

July 21, 2010

After many goodbye’s and some air time i made it home safely last night around 7:30. As much as i did not want to leave haiti, i was almost running out of the terminal in excitement to see my family. It looked more like sadness than excitement though, when i saw them all i could do was weep. Some things cannot be explained.

I went straight from the airport to the emergency room… ironically enough my dad had to go to the ER to get an iv because he was so dehydrated from the heat. i let him know that i knew exactly how he felt, minus the air conditioning and the hospital gown 🙂

Yesterday was really heavy for me, being back in the states, even in the airports, made me realize how much i saw and how rare it is for people here to see those things. On the way to the airport in Port Au Prince, Ashley and Dr. Cheryl and I were all sitting in the front seat of a canter with the driver (who happened to be my favorite driver). He had to swerve around something in the road and as we got closer i realized it was a body. Probably a man who was murdered the night before. Uncovered, it was easily seen that he had been decapitated and his feet were upside down… this was on a road where children walk to school and there are plently of people around. It was terribly heavy for me once i got to America.

Being here has been hard already, i know it is not going to be “normal” to me for a while. i also know that my longing to be back in haiti will be in my heart forever. But until i do get back there, i know that God has things for me to do around here. The need here is not as tangible as the need in haiti, i am not surrounded by it constantly, but as i have said before, all humans have the same ultimate need and that is God. So right now my life looks like me realizing the love God has for me and passing that love on to my neighbor. Whether my neighbor be American, Haitian, Scottish, African, or even Canadian… i would hope that they can see God’s love by the way i love.


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