where You go i go – where You stay i stay

July 18, 2010

i have no idea why i am leaving in two days… i won’t get to see this everday:

Emanuella is one of my friends from the Hope House that i get to see and play with everyday. She is always smiling, just like this. All of the kids today kept asking when i was leaving, and as i kept saying “tomorrow is my last day”, it finally hit me. I have really made a home of this place and it is going to be very hard to part with all of these people. But alas, God is my real Home. So wherever He goes i go and wherever He stays i stay.


One Response to “where You go i go – where You stay i stay”

  1. Jessica Metzer Says:

    aww. I really liked what you said about God being your real home. As I get ready to go to Stillwater, I have been really scared and not really looking forward to leaving my friends and family in Duncan, but like you said, wherever He goes, I go, and wherever He stays, I will stay. You’re amazing, Abby Leonard.

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