would you always. maybe sometimes. make it easy. take your time.

July 15, 2010

two posts in one day may seem a little unnecessary, but i say it’s not.

i only have 4 full days left here in haiti, at mission of hope, among these great people. having no set schedule, able to take an hour or 2 or 15 minutes to sit with the Lord. talking to Him, or listening, or just soaking in His love while looking out at these beautiful mountains and water. it’s really lovely.

coming here was not an easy decision, i said no for a long time. until about a week before i left, to be exact. but God wanted me here. and i am forever grateful to Him for taking my plans and ruining them so that His could take place. Life isn’t easy for most people. Everyone has different stories and experiences, but no matter what we all need the Lord. Whether we see it or not. It is so hard to see that we need Him when we live in a place like the US, where everything is seemingly at our fingertips.

i have seen some really needy people. like really needy, i still can’t even fathom what they are without. but the comforting thing about all of this is that we are all in need, on at least one level. We need God. and we all have God. Every single moment. Whether we grasp that or not is up for question, but the fact that God is always with us in our need is never in question.

i was a child in need, still am. God has met me here in this country where a lot of other people need Him as well. And i know He will be with me in the sky in 4 days, and also with me when i am home. where there are people in need of Him.

i have no idea what my future holds, but that is okay. i do know who is leading me, and who i am following. and that is all i need.


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