4 weeks.

July 15, 2010

My last full week in Haiti has been a very very good one so far! Most mornings i have been down in the prosthetics lab helping the physical therapist work on prosthetic patients and also some shoulder patients. It has been an exceptional week in the lab because we have a 4 year old, Junior, and a 7 year old, Kevin. They are so stinkin cute!! They have the cutest little prosthetic legs i have ever seen 🙂 and they are fun to play with as well.

In the afternoons the interns have been set out to do some different things. Monday (i think) one of the teams here had some games planned for the Hope House kiddos, they called it a field day. So all the kids, 50 or so, came up to the pavilion and we had to be the team leaders, teams of like 10 kids. There were 6 games set up and the groups were to go play one then 15 minutes later go to the next section. After about 10 minutes of their first activity all madness broke loose. The kids just started doing their own thing and then it turned into a massive water war between everyone. Did i mention it was raining? it was probably the funnest field day i will ever have. we came back up to the guest house soaking wet and worn out, but it was the best!

Yesterday afternoon Abby, Amanda, Ashley, and i went to Good Samaritan orphanage in Caberet with one of the teams. it was the first time i was able to go when the kids were actually there. Needless to say they were adorable and fun to play with. At one point we were all out in this courtyard and like 8 kids were piled all over me trying to stick their suckers in my mouth, it was a good time.

This morning we put together over 100 buckets to take to a tent city nearby. In the buckets were: 3 water bottles, 1 baby blanket, 5 granola bars, neosporin, a t-shirt, 12 pairs of socks, a can of soup, and protein powder. We also made a bag for each person there, about 150, that contained “manna” packs of rice and potatoes. There is a market by this tent city, but the residents don’t have enough money to purchase anything. They literally live in tents put together with sticks and pieces of tarp that they find. Some of the people who live in tent cities could have made a decent living pre-quake, it is hard to imagine being moved from a nice home and at least 3 meals a day to living in a tent trying to find enough food to feed your family 1 meal a day. i am so thankful God gave us the provisions and the energy to make the buckets and bags for these people, they were very thankful as well.


One Response to “4 weeks.”

  1. Peggy Leonard Says:

    Wonderful things you have been doing. I am sure every child you come into contact with loves and appreciates you! The tent people will enjoy the contents of the buckets. That is an awesome thing for the mission to do for them.

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