Don’t go chasin’ waterfalls?

July 7, 2010

TLC has some good metaphors, but if you ever get a chance to go waterfall chasing, by all means, do it!! This morning we got a truck so we set out to the mountains to find churches and a waterfall.  Let me tell you a little bit about this mountain adventure. These mountains are no joke. When you just look at them from a distance you would never imagine how many people live throughout them. The whole drive there we see people leading donkeys/horses/goats with their “goods” piled on top. It could possibly take 5-6 hours for these people to walk to the main road to sell their goods at the market, but they take the walk every morning, it’s how they do business. I can’t imagine…

We had the same driver as yesterday so we got to the waterfall in about an hour, it probably would have taken about 1.5 or 2 hours with anyone else.  It was the same group, plus jeremy. The waterfall was AMAZING. First we walked up to this spot to see a good view and take pics of Jeremy and Ruben while they went under it, then Erin, Ashley, and I went to it and it was just awesome! We were laughing and having so much fun like little kids. We all had colored sports bras on and all the Haitians below us were naked, so we took our shirts off. Not many people can say they stood under a waterfall in Haiti in their skivvies, but we can 🙂 here’s to chaiti.

After that we went to a village, but not like the usual mountain villages, this was like a small city in the mountains. It is just so amazing what is hidden in the mountains, I could definitely live there, the people are so nice. Jeremy and Ruben found some churches there to send some teams to and help them fix the buildings. There was a place called “Mountain Fish Mission”, we stayed in the back of the truck while the guys looked around their compound, but the pastor from the place came up to the truck and talked to us for a while since his english was pretty good. From the pics that mission was really big and they are building a BIG church. It is legit. I would love to go back and help some of the teams build. I just don’t know how a big truck with a team could go all way the up there.

Back at Mission of Hope we are all hanging out with Dr. Cheryl’s twins, Ana and Mina. She and her husband adopted them from another orphanage in August, they are only 6 but learned english very quickly. They are really smart and a lot of fun, also very sassy and crazy ha. They like hanging out with Abby and I because we are “twins”. A lot of kids think we are sisters because we have the same name, and also they think we look the same, which we have never gotten.

Not much else going on, just hanging out because Erin is going home tomorrow. We will miss her a lot 😦 but we have had a lot of fun on her last day! Signing out…


One Response to “Don’t go chasin’ waterfalls?”

  1. Peggy Leonard Says:

    I bet it is beautiful there in the mountains. I hope you are using my camera and taking lots of pics!!

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