Just a [not so] ordinary day

July 6, 2010

Today was pretty cool. This morning we were going to go to a village church in the mountains so my friend Erin could do an interview with a pastor, but we didn’t get a vehicle. So i went to the prosthetics lab and worked with the PT on a patient until lunch. After lunch we found out we got a truck so we could go to the mountains.

Ashley Carter, Erin, Ruben, Crazy Fast Haitian Driver, and ventured up the mountain. About ten minutes of driving much too fast up the mountain we see a car that had flipped. Not just any car, but a tap tap. Tap taps are like cabs, but have an open bed so a ton of people can ride in them. We used our band-aids, drinking water, and bandanas to help some of the people that had minor flesh wounds. So that was kind of intense, some of the cuts needed way more than band-aids, but we did all we could. When we got back in the car and our driver was taking steep mountain curves at like 40mph i put my seatbelt on. Your welcome mom.

Once we got to where we were going, it happened to be in a random really wet/muddy field. They didn’t warn us of this so i was wearing my toms and totally failed and as we were crossing a larger stream my foot slipped off a rock and soaked my shoes. Sweet. We got to the church and as Erin interviewed the pastor, Ashley and i naturally attracted a lot of village kids and played jump rope (which i suck at) and had a lot of fun!

Tonight was church night, so we cleaned up a bit and went. It lasted a couple hours, and we were even late. i was sitting with my hope house friend, Bernadine, who is 10. These older boys next to us kept talking to her and she finally told me one of them wanted to marry me. i said no, ou fou (you are crazy). All in all pretty productive day, in the morning we are going to another village with Erin for an interview and maybe seeing a waterfall on the way back 🙂 hopefully!


2 Responses to “Just a [not so] ordinary day”

  1. Peggy Leonard Says:

    Is this the same Crazy Haitian Driver that likes Guinness??? Did the other accident not make him think to slow down??? I shall come give him driving lessons! 🙂

    Shoes are shoes. They’ll dry out…curl up…. 🙂 and you can wear them again. Keep doing your good work and smiling!

  2. Brian Leonard Says:

    sounds like a great adventure! I’m so glad you get to experience that stuff while serving God, sooooo cool ( hey mabey you should drive next time.)

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