I need You more

July 3, 2010

Since I have not blogged in like a week, I will sum up some random/amazing events for all of you committed viewers…

First of all, this week has been incredible. I thought I was going to be working in the prosthetics lab with the PT, but there were a lot of people in there this week so I decided to continue helping Abby teach the mommies in the mornings and then going back to the Hope House after lunch to hang out with the kids. I have built so many relationships with the girls at the Hope House this week and it has been the best times ever. Just playing and acting like a kid, or holding the little ones if they get hurt and just need to cry in someone’s arms. I can’t even describe how much i love all of them…

Haitian highlight of the week in order of the events:
1. Friday nights are movie nights at the Hope House, so one of the teams here decide to purchase pizza and ice cream for the kids, which never happens for them. Abby, our new friend Bailey, and I decide to go with one of the staff to get the pizza.
2. We ride in the bed of the truck, of course, because that is legit. It’s about a 40 minute drive. We get to the restaurant that makes pizza and decide we should definitely get some haitian cheeseburgers… they are not american if you catch my drift haha. We sat and ate our cheeseburgers and watched the world cup game and cheered with all the Haitian people around us.
3. We go about 2 doors down to a grocery store to get the ice cream for the kids and the owner of the store would not let us use the bathroom. We decide to get some ice cream to eat on the way back to MOH. In the bed of the truck.
4. We walk out of the store and see our driver downing some Guinness (beer). And also another Haitian getting into the bed of the truck… Sweet action.
5. As we are all eating our ice cream, somehow the wind catches Bailey’s and a splash of strawberry ice cream flies onto our new Haitian friend. We laughed so hard trying not to pee our pants.
6. I was talking to abby, facing the wind, and a piece of trash flies up and plasters my face and abby has to peel it off of my face. We laughed even harder, the Haitian man by this time probably thinks we are ridiculous.
7. When we get back to MOH our tire goes flat… so we stay down at the Hope House and play with our friends.

Moral of the story: if you have a chance to have fun haitian outings, embrace it. Because there is nothing better than having a drinking driver and laughing really hard in the back of a truck going 50 mph with your best friends. here’s to chaiti.

On a more serious note, the Lord is so good and is working in my life so deeply that i can barely contain my joy from Him! Realizing that i need Him every single day and that He always provides has overwhelmed me. Getting out of my normal routine and meeting Him here is a serious answer to so many prayers. Give Him some of your time today, He will meet you where you are anytime.

ALSO! Please go to my facebook and click on the link to help Haiti. Quick explanation… the organization who gets the most votes receives the money, and let’s face it, Haiti could really use this help. There is no better organization to give this money to, knowing the people in charge, it will be put to great use. All you have to do is click and vote, so please take 3 minutes and do this to help a nation get back on it’s feet. Thanks a lot!



2 Responses to “I need You more”

  1. khalilb Says:

    that haitian night sounds like an adventure! haha I’m very glad to hear that all is going well for you. thank you Jesus for loving my sister!

  2. Peggy Leonard Says:

    Very funny story! where did the drunk driver come from? I bet that was a wild ride!
    Keep loving on those children.

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