Team 218

June 28, 2010

Yesterday was great, we slept in a while then went to church. it was probably the hottest morning of my whole life, and there was a kiddo sitting on my lap during the first half of the service sooo sweaty is an understatement. We came back to the guesthouse after worship and Tex and I played some more worship, it was a good time together with the Lord.

Afternoon had nothing on the agenda so Abby and I went on a walk. It was one of those walks that turned into a really great, inspiring talk with your best friend. I am really thankful my precious twin and the great team we make. (218)

Which brings me to something crazy… Last night something came over me and I decided to get a haircut. So with some kitchen scissors and a first-time hair dresser, my best friends sat with me as my long hippie almost dread locks all came off. I didn’t realize how much I loved my hair til I lost it, I am humbled to say the least.

Today I went with Abby to teach the “mommies” english. The mommies are the Haitian women who live with the kids down at the Hope House, there are 16 mommies and 60 kids. It was really great to get to bond with Anita, the mommy I worked with, then she taught me some creole 🙂 We got 3 amputees today so tomorrow I should meet them and hang in the prosthetics lab again. Also there is a really cool lady that just got here Saturday and she had been talking to me a lot, I found out she is the physical therapist here this week so I totally get to work with her! It’s gonna be a great week.


One Response to “Team 218”

  1. Peggy Leonard Says:

    How precious that the little girl sat on your lap and worshipped with you, sweat and all!!! You’re doing a great job there! Keep the faith!

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