Rice & Beans

June 26, 2010

In case you find yourself wondering: what in the world is abby eating in haiti? You have stumbled upon the right blog. For breakfast there is always dry cereal and fruit (mango, cantelope, pineapple), and on rotation there is oatmeal, chicken nugget donuts, or pancakes.  For lunch it is usually always pb&j. For dinner we either have Haiti spaghetti, potato salad, taco salad, or Haitian food for the main course. The latter consists of rice and beans, chicken, awesome sauce, and cole slaw looking (but spicy) picklees (have no idea how to spell that).

Onto what’s been going on… The journey team left thursday morn, I thought it would be quieter around here but a lot more people arrived. I worked in the prosthetics lab most of the day. I don’t really know how to make the legs, or help the prosthetist make them, so I was feeling a bit useless BUT oddly enough the sewing machine broke and they needed some straps to be sewn to padding and things for the legs, SO I pulled out my handy dandy sewing skills and got to work. With no thimble… So thank you mom and grandmother for teaching me how to sew when I was younger, it came in handy in an unlikely place.

Today all the interns ended up going with the prosthetics coordinator, Diana, to a tent city. Tent cities are where a lot of people that lost their homes to the quake live. Some tent cities are nicer than others, but most just use whatever they can find to make shelter-ish tents. Anyway, we went to check up on people who have already gotten their legs from here. While the other interns played with kiddos from the village I actually got to help with some physical therapy! it was awesome, but also frustrating not knowing Creole. I really want to learn it so I don’t have to run to a translator all the time.  But doing therapy in the clinic will be easier with Diana around and only a few Haitians at a time.

Tonight was movie night at the Hope House, the orphanage. The kids love Jackie Chan movies, so we watched “The Spy Next Door”. They think that karate and fighting is really funny for some reason. After that, Micah and I went up to one of the staff living rooms and watched Ironman with Jeremy and Reuben, two guys on staff. Now we are settling in on a pallet in the other girls’ room. Keepin it real. As always.


2 Responses to “Rice & Beans”

  1. Peggy Leonard Says:

    I’m so glad your sewing skills came in handy! Sounds like you have found a spot to work in that God is using your talents.

    I’m living on rice and beans right now as well but no spicy sauce. In fact, no fat at all. Lipids are high again. Enjoy the rice and beans with sauce!!

    God is at work in Haiti. Your updates tell me that a lot is going on that we don’t get to hear about. Keep up the faith!

  2. lindsayjuarez Says:

    so glad God is using you down there, even just to sew straps on. you are making a difference and filling a void, and that is what it’s all about. love you and keep up the blogging!

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