IVs and Stitches

June 23, 2010

So… Monday morning was exciting, the team wasn’t doing much in the morning so I went down to the prosthetics lab, where they build new limbs for amputees (?).  It is really cool, every patient that gets a new leg also gets a “new” pair of shoes. It’s great, because in Haiti they see people with missing limbs as useless, thinking they cannot do manual labor. I think that is where I will be spending most of my time when the team leaves.  Anyway.  I wheeled two lady patients up to the hospital ward because their new legs had to be touched up. Wheeling people around is not always easy, but definitely not easy on these curvy uphill sidewalks. After that I was sorting the shoes and a kind of nausea hit me…

I decided after a few minutes to head back up to my room. It was like 10am and already really hot, so I layed down for a few, then when I woke up it was a couple hours later and another girl on the Journey team was hooked up to an iv. After throwing up a few times and not being able to keep water down I let our team nurse, Micah, hook me up as well. 24 hours later we were feeling much better, but now we both have this awesome rash. Pretty sweet.

Tuesday morning the team went to the medical supply tent, basically a ton of med supplies shipped in from everywhere. They really need them to be sorted and the expired ones thrown away, etc. I just rested, but in the afternoon we went to another orphanage called Good Samaritan, the people around here say it is poorly run. We get there after a 20 minute drive to find that the kids are gone… a little weird to take 90 kids somewhere on a tuesday, but okay. Instead we went on a river walk. Kids in the surrounding villages joined us and we carried them on our backs and shoulders across the river and it was a lot of fun!

Last night, Riley, one of the journey girls, was walking down to our room with a few others at like midnight and she fell on some rocks. Busted her knee all up and had to get stitches. It was pretty intense, we are just making the rounds getting sick and hurt. Good thing there are plenty of docs and nurses here, it’s really the perfect place to be.

Today, being Journey’s last day, we went to the beach! It was a little overcast but still great. We went to a resort from like 10-3, ate lunch there, it was deeelish! Haitian food.  The beach was incredible, just like any beach from a pic of Mexico or Hawaii, with mountains all around. It was just a great day.  Aside from my first sunburn of the summer. Here’s to Chaiti.


5 Responses to “IVs and Stitches”

  1. Lauren Says:

    Abby, I am so glad you are having an amazing time! I can’t wait to see what mom has to say about you being hooked up to an IV…haha. 🙂 I am glad you are feeling better though! Miss you and love you! Lauren

  2. Khalil Says:

    I miss you Abby. I’m so glad that you’ve made it to Haiti and you’re time is already being well spent. Don’t waste a single moment while you’re their. I have so much hope for you and especially while you’re in Haiti. I love you sister, Let God and His passion be your inspiration.

    • abbyleonard Says:

      Khalil my brother! I miss you too! i was just thinking about you today and how you were here to be my personal translator… french genius! i love you, thank you for your prayers 🙂

  3. Aunt Kat Says:

    Sure hope you are feeling much better. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water – preferably clean water!

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