Sweat? what’s that?

June 18, 2010

Made it safely to Port Au Prince, luckily met 4 nice men on the plane, in their 40s-50s, they helped me get through customs and would not leave me until I found my luggage and saw people I knew.

Long drive to MOH, on a big school bus.  We saw lots of mountains and great things, but also Tim pointed out some mass graves. The devastation is really mind blowing. Just thinking that the 250,000 bodies in those graves were people’s loved ones, I really can’t imagine but it spurs me to love on these people even more than I even planned on.

Anyway… today I went to a village school with the Journey team and painted. There is no such thing as dry here. ALWAYS SWEATING. Mom, if i knew the temp and the humidity count I would tell you, but I will guess. 150 degrees, 109% humid. Playing with the kids and singing and dancing with them was worth the heat and the hour drive in a cage bus… don’t ask.

Much love to everyone, thank you for the prayers. Shout out to Susy, hope you are practicing that song… you only have 34 more days to master it.


One Response to “Sweat? what’s that?”

  1. Peggy Leonard Says:

    Thanks for checking in !! So glad the “Dad” figures on the plane looked after you. Sounds like your first day was right up my alley: painting!! I’m sure that it was a great time with the Journey kids there.
    Take lots of pics!
    Mosquito bite check??? Any meds offered to you for that??

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